Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rule of Law in Pakistan

The Rule of Law in Pakistan :Major(R)Khalid Nasr The rule of law is the fundamental component of democratic society. Rule of Law is defined as the principle that all members of society are bound by a set of clearly defined & universally accepted laws. In a democracy, the rule of law is manifested in an independent judiciary a free press and a system of check & balance on leaders through free elections and separation of powers among the pillars of state. Three major components of Rule of Law are: 1.The government is bound by the law. 2. All people are treated equally under the law. 3. The law recognizes that in each person, there is a core of spirituality, dignity and humanity. When we see the ground reality in Pakistan, the people of Pakistan are struggling for the rule of law .The rule of law can be ensured by an independent judiciary. The independence of judiciary does not mean that the court can take what decisions it wants to take but what it should take .A common man is always running around the courts in search of justice .The police system in Pakistan is for the rich & powerful. It is very difficult for a common man to survive under the present lawlessness.

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